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Joyn Mobility is a marketplace for micro-mobility services encouraging commuters to choose more green alternatives.


Joyn mobility is a marketplace for mobility solutions with a SaaS to help employers stay on top of the benefits and values they promote in the company. Joyn integrates mobility and micro-mobility solutions on the platform allowing employers to have an overview of the commuting behavior of their employees. This way, using targeted challenges companies can incentivize employees to commute greener.

Using a subscription model and a green commute potential calculator, Joyn is able to personalize the suggestions for each employee and nudge towards less CO2 emission options and alternatives. While employees choose personalized bundles, the employer gets only one invoice for all their employees from all mobility providers. This way, budgets for transportation become transparent, easy to manage and allow for a better distribution of funds towards greener commutes due to its high impact on the score for a tax deduction. Companies using Joyn will score better with their sustainability scores and thus would pay less corporate tax while contributing to more livable cities.

The project would tackle further only technology issues with integrations of API’s between service providers and the platform and employers and their current payrolling systems and Joyn. However, this step seems to be a much easier step to be made than the previous one.

  • The first was about changing the perception that we can actually do something about it and we can adopt greener commuting behaviors.
  • The second is just about putting the money into the technology that supports an intrinsic motivation of people to make the best of it.

This project followed a number of iterations in order to define the needs of 3 main stakeholders: urban commuters, companies with employees deducting commuting costs, and micro-mobility service providers.


Define the key metrics that would be relevant for all stakeholders involved as well as understand how to better visualize the metrics and create a flow of the product so as to achieve its goal to help nudge green commuting behaviors.

Joyn developed their insights into multiple stakeholders who were not part of the product before. The design approach allowed a co-creation process between companies, mobility services, and the service designers in the team. However, the biggest impact in the shift of Joyn from an app with a dashboard to a platform for mobility services was from COVID-19 main trigger for commuters: everyone was suddenly not commuting to work anymore. This sudden behavioral change imposed by external conditions changed everyone’s intrinsic perception over commuting to work.

As such, the second part of the development of the prototype has influenced the business perspective of the project the most. Once everyone was interested to contribute to thinking out loud together and brainstorming over how we can commute greener and safer in the future, the project flourished with opportunities and directions. Introducing the mobility and micro-mobility services was a natural step of allowing people to tailor their commutes and directly buy the services from the platform so they can tackle their challenges with changing behavior in a more informed way in one place.

Tools used

Stakeholder mapping, market research, service blueprint, user journey, persona mapping, feasibility study, Figma and Adobe XD to prototype the UX&UI.


Delivered UX & UI for the product with the user flow and prototype

Stakeholder maps and Product features

Value proposition canvas and business model canvas