UX Research

Getting to the bottom of what your users expect from your product is a serious research matter for us. We take user insights to the next level! Learning where your users are at in their process of adopting your product or service can be a tricky research to do if you don’t have data and you don’t conduct experiments to test hypothesis. UX research is the part of designer toolkit that addresses these problems in a comprehensible way with a framework and actionable points to implement in your product roadmap. Building a backlog of insights becomes a heavy job to manage for a product manager. However, having a UX researcher around will help him build affinity maps and classify insights and prioritize better both backlog and product development.

Wireframing & UI

Designing a fully functional interface for your customers is an essential part of product development and go to market success guarantee. A lot of times the wireframes we design can be visually appealing but not relevant to the user context. As such, understanding what the user wants and needs at each point on their journey will enable the product to be adopted faster. Visualising fast with prototypes that represent the new product will help teams align better. Even a low fidelity prototype can speak more than 1000 words so that’s why we made it part of the designer toolkit!

Customer journey mapping

Your clients are deciding to choose to work with you before they make the first payment so understanding holistically the bottle necks in the customer journey will help you increase conversion and improve retention. Customers have jobs to get done which will be satisfied in their journey at different points. Since we are not expecting one journey to satisfy all, we create extensive customer lifecycles where we introduce layers of journeys and touchpoints where the service or product satisfies and delivers on the value expected.

Agile coaching and lean development

When working in product development for customer centric companies, hearing the voice of the consumers can be a challenge if you haven’t implemented data driven systems. That’s why you need an agile coach to guide your team into the phases of product development that make sense in the stakeholder buy-in but also in the customer interaction data points with your product. Teams are formed of people, so forming a people-centric culture will enable the processes to develop routes. It’s more than a company culture, it’s a mindset!

Service Design

The pillars of a customer centric company rely on the approach to designing your services involving your product teams and your development teams to align with a service designer on board. A holistic perspective over your service blueprint and the operational and financial implications will design your chances to succeed.

Product Development

The typical Designer toolkit consists of product research and extracting the Jobs to get done for your users. The feature development and writing user stories will be our mission along with planning the budget, calculating your ROI from the new service and helping the entire organization align on the launch of this new product. Managing a new product is not just routine work. You always keep an eye on insights and metrics that help your product improve and appeal better to users.

Stakeholder management

Part of the designer toolkit of a consultant is to help in alignment of goals, objectives and resources that are needed to deploy in good order new innovations to the market. With an expertise in leadership and management positions we help you navigate the complexities of stakeholder relationship with tools and effective communication strategies. Effective communication strategies come from a well balanced energy and self awareness combined with the right tools to open up non violent negotiations.

Co-creation sessions & Design Sprints

Gather all your creative people in one room and let’s create awesome new products! Design sprints offer the methodologies to use as backbone for innovation ideation sessions and identifying the How Might We’s and the Brief Bold Questions that power companies into the digital transformation era.We allow everyone to participate such that it’s participative and inclusive from the beginning.

A/B Testing and Lab based user testing

Hypothesis building, data driven user testing and growth hacking mindsets in one service! You’ll benefit from a full toolkit of experiments that help narrowing down your focus and achieving desired outcomes. Designing experiments needs a special attention to recruitment of cohorts but we use UX tools for that which makes it easy and scalable.

Go To Market Strategy

We go after your beach head market and allow you to understand how your customer segments are reachable through different channels and strategies. Targeting them with simple growth hacking strategies will allow you to be agile in your process of getting market fit. Sometimes companies are riding the wave too soon. Sometimes they are following the wrong wave. All these factors can influence greatly adoption or raising capital. Never be unprepared! We can help you ride the wave timely!

Market fit validation

If you sold to a few clients but have no clue how to scale that it means you might be stuck in your market fit validation. With data driven mindset and marketing focus we will get you on the road to a scalable model.

Idea generation and validation

Your company works in siloses? We know it can be hard to set up innovation teams internally without having conflict with the “business as usual”people. So having your own external consultant for agile innovation will enable you launch the next spin off from your core company values and engage easier to your core team to join you on your new horizons.