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Startup consulting

In service design practices we address the “How might we” or “Brief Bold Questions” to define problems. But asking the nitty-gritty questions for a new business idea can be just as relevant. The expertise we have in working with business incubators and training programs help us address these questions so you won’t fail in your plans of launching a startup. Sometimes we need an outside perspective for what we’re building. Looking at IP or operational knowledge of the perfect marketing plan isn’t enough. A startup needs a coherent customer experience designer to connect the dots and bring value to early adopters, investors, and team. 

Deliverables: Business planning and pitch deck writing and marketing strategy and a sales funnel with a step by step approach to getting clients and meetings.

Service Design

Designing a user journey and understanding how the revenue model is shaped are tough strategical steps to make at any stage of a company. With a design thinking approach and the right industry knowledge, we can help design new services. Either through marketing packages for your current line of products/services or helping you drive innovation from the core of your company, it all comes down to systems design. Moreover, service design will help you outline a clear financial model for your product and align your operational team on the essentials for an optimal customer experience.

Deliverables can take the form of a user journey mapping with touchpoints on where customer behavior can be leveraged in your favor, or marketing plans on how to sell better your products/services in a new way.

Value Proposition Creation

Entering a new market? Understanding the customer profile is at the core of what any marketer does. However, when scaling a business it’s even more important to know what is the value that matters most for your audience. The expertise we offer is mainly in the B2B sector and governmental sector for SaaS products. But we also work on engagement metrics for B2C e-commerce businesses and mobile apps. You need a “wizard” who will read into the needs of your users and what they’re willing to pay for. It’s this last human touch that will make the difference!

Deliverables: Value Proposition canvas, User research ( quantitative and qualitative) , Business model Canvas and Growth hacking experiments to test hypothesis.

Design Ops

Looking to understand how systems work? Redesigning your company’s operational flow? Looking to redesign the Learning & Development program or the Employee Experience or your Onboarding process of new users? We’re looking at the experience of every user in a holistic way, always zooming in and out from the business approach to the customer experience. Both you and your team deserve to be aligned on a way of working towards the key metrics and North star metrics that help you grow. It is a joined effort after all! If the agile way of working is not yet embedded in your team, we can help you break this silos!

Deliverables: Taxonomy of your operational flows and service blueprints that enbale you to make business decisions and develop new product/ services.

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