Project type: BestJobs is a human resource marketplace ranking in the top eastern European job boards with over 3 million talents and 35K companies posting over 5K new jobs daily. With 20 years of market leadership, BestJobs is part of the Neogen group which builds with top technology marketplaces for human resources on different verticals.

Context: During the pandemic, the job board business seemed to slow down and the company with over 100 employees at the point wanted to cut costs and pivot their main revenue source to new directions. Neogen Group, the parent company had a few other startups which could help bring innovation to the 20 years old company BestJobs in order to make it competitive again.

Challenge: Launched a new service of one of the biggest human resources platform in Eastern Europe and manage new product development of a service using external agents servicing on-demand client needs in recruitment, headhunting, sales, and tech.

Tools used:  Qualitative User Research, Expert interviews, Co-creation sessions, User Journey Mapping, UX & UI design, Wireframing, Jira User Story Writing, Product backlog prioritization, MVP planning, Product Roadmap, Service Blueprint, Flow mapping, Revenue model design, Value Proposition Canvas, Persona Mapping, Business model canvas.


  • Delivered new process flow for introducing a new type of user of the platform: external agents
  • Delivered full Product specs, wireframes, roadmap, budget forecast, marketing go to market strategy, and business plan for a tech team of over 20 developers and the management team in under 1 month
  • Created a new revenue stream of over 200K/ quarter from redistributing current clients to the new product. The forecasted growth perspective for 2021 is up to 2,5mil / year