Linked Locked – cycling infrastructure

Project type:

Linked Locked was launched in 2015 at the Cyclehack competition for innovations in the space of cycling infrastructure.

Project duration: 2 years

Industry: Hardware, software, apps, mobility


In its first year,2015, Linked Locked was focusing on hardware infrastructure, in particular developing a parking pole for smart bike parking solutions.

In 2016, the company went into the Launchlab in Yes! Delft to validate the market and achieve user traction. The B2G2C model was invalidated in the 4 months of incubation so the company pivoted to a B2C model by going into the bike-sharing industry.

In 2017 had a first client and a bootstrapped investment as well as a first investor.


The challenge was to create a system for an intelligent parking pole for bikes. The poles network is connected to the database of the city and provides valuable data for policymakers and cyclists. It enables commuters to benefit a wide range of services like sharing, renting a bike via an app, and make use of a robust system for safely parking bikes anywhere, anytime. Together with R2Pro, an engineering prototyping company in the Netherlands, the company needed to achieve a relevant TRL scale in order to get investment. As such, the system needed to show scalability from both engineering, manufacturing, and business perspective.

Tools used: 

  • user interviews,
  • qualitative and quantitative user surveys,
  • product development roadmap,
  • stakeholder management,
  • service design blueprint,
  • business model canvas,
  • value proposition canvas,
  • experimentation, and A/B testing,
  • pitch deck writing,
  • fundraising,
  • go to market strategy,
  • financial planning,
  • and budget management.

Product development management:

  • Developing the product solution of bike parking infrastructure together with consulting company R2PRO (expert consultant Henry Rodenburgh) and Metal Engineer
  • Designing system architecture and deciding technology matrix together with the CTO
  • Developing production partnerships with Axa Lock manufacturing and with IoT experts from Vodafone, Arcadis, Oracle, Olisto, and Living_lab Amsterdam
  • Designing supply chain and cost structure for prototype and industrialized product
  • Monitoring software development and designing API’s architecture
  • Design production timeline in lean and agile processes
  • Developed production partnerships with Taiwanese and Chinese production facilities and smart locks like Sharing OS
  • Developed the distribution network of the service with partnerships with NS business card


  • Reached TRL 6 with bike parking solution and TRL 4 with smart lock for bike-sharing
  • Exhibited prototype of Smart bike parking pole in Innovation Expo Amsterdam 2016
  • Attended Validation Lab Yes Delft 2016 with a bike parking solution
  • Got funding from EU for a digital platform – currently Joyn Mobility